Crossing2Cultures was founded by Claire Sehringer, who has 20+ years of experience in marketing communications across various industries in the U.S. and Germany, particularly for SMBs and entrepreneurs.

Previously Claire worked for Iris Media and VisionConsult, European consultancies with clients such as the Commission of the European Union, Deutsche Telekom, the French Ministry of Culture & Communication, ARD and France Télécom, as well as K&V Information Systems, Inc. and Kiefer & Veittinger GmbH (now SAP).

She has successfully developed and implemented marketing strategies, built websites and internet and email campaigns for nonprofits and businesses, managed web communities, and designed countless presentations, both for European and American clients.  As a freelance writer and translator, Claire has written about various international business issues. Her background also includes cross-cultural training and coaching for international students, German language instruction, as well as individualized and group business English and German training.